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WBS Connect uses World Bible School’s tools to help you find and teach people who want to study the Bible. Target your community and mission points. Seekers who enroll are available only to you and your WBS study helpers.


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Promotional Tools

Use WBS Connect’s tools to cost-effectively find Bible students, including online advertising with WBS Web Ads and print material customized for you.

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Web Address

Promote your custom Connect Web Address. Visitors will land on a WBS enrollment page that gives compelling reasons to study the Bible.

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All students who enroll appear on a student list available only to you and your church or group to teach and follow up with.

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And you’ll always have extensive online help and email access to the WBS support team.

More Information

To sign up, first apply to become a WBS study helper. WBS study helpers can login to the WBS website to set up Connect.

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Questions? Contact Us

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“Connect US” is Christians using the tools of WBS Connect to reach Americans. They are finding and teaching people who want to study the Bible—beginning in their own communities.

Read a letter of encouragement and more from WBS President, John Reese, about Connect US

Letter from John